Strategy of Cultural Institutions: Panel Discussions on January 23rd and 24th, 2019

As part of SITEM, a international conference dedicated to the cultural and tourist ecosystem, SemioTiPS is proud to convene two panel discussions that will take place at Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design, Paris :



The ticket is the first or only physical sign of a cultural visit. It stands for proof of payment, serves as an "open sesam” magic phrase to be able to enter the site, and is a mark of the relationship with the institution. It can also become a precious souvenir and memento of the experience for the visitor. But this tiny piece of paper often now has only a symbolic and transient value.

Cultural institutions need to find new sources of funding, and digitalization is a big trend. In this context, what new opportunities exist for cultural tickets? How can we reinvent and redesign them to reinforce the relationship with the audience, enrich the visitor experience and release new financial resources?

In partnership with Dot Technologie, a French firm providing ticketing systems, SemioTiPS has launched a prospective research to explore tomorrow’s opportunities for the ticket. The first results of this research will be presented during this conference.

Interested to know more about this conference, or to get involved in the overall project as a culture professional or as a visitor from cultural sites? Please have a look at the page dedicated to the project.



Since 2016, the Pompidou Centre has been engaged in extensive deliberation regarding its icons: which works from its collection could become emblematic of the museum and encourage new categories of visitors to come to the museum? And how to implement such an "iconisation strategy" to establish these works as the institution’s ambassadors? The process involves all of the museum's functions: exhibition design and mediation in respect of the works, but also communication and marketing.

The Centre’s strategy in respect of its icons is unprecedented in the museum world. However, it has interesting echoes when one looks at brands: the use of muses in the luxury field, or mascots for consumer brands. So how can museums draw inspiration from brands to develop tools for audience development?

Chaired by Gwenaëlle de Kerret, a researcher and semiologist who participated in the Centre’s project, this roundtable will be an opportunity to present the results of the 3 years of deliberation and study by the Pompidou Centre. Catherine Guillou, the Centre’s audience manager, will speak about the issues to which the exercise gave rise within the museum and about current prospects. Other researchers and professionals from cultural institutions and commercial brands will also share their experience in exploiting icons and their impact on audiences:

- Cécilie de Saint Venant, Head of communications, brand and philanthropy, domaine national de Chambord.

- Catherine Motquin, CEO of Consumer Market Insight, groupe Coty

- Jean-Michel Tobelem, Associate Professor, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University.

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