In the English language, “TIPS”refers to brief astute phrases that allow us to see a problem in a different manner - and to move ahead.

Consultants and research agencies sometimes claim to be able to answer in an “objective” manner the question posed by their client. At SemioTiPS, we think, on the other hand:
- that there isn’t a single response to a question.
- that the client best understands the problem and we must listen first.

SemioTiPS is also defined by a strong engagement with semiologic expertise.

Our conviction is that branding, innovation and communication build upon the base of a vigorous and readable sense of differentiation.

“TiPS” is the acronym for our Four Fields of Competence:

The expertise of SemioTiPS relies on proven techniquesof fieldwork, used by trained and experienced experts. We believe that threads of attitudes and behavior can only be trusted when analysed on the ground, in real situations. The land is the anchor in the ground, in concrete and tangible phenomena. In a symbolic analysis, the land is associated with vital resources and fertility. Reality there plants its roots, thought regenerates. To anchor in the field is the first attribute of the study’s approach: it is from observation of concrete phenomena that ideas are generated.

The first asset of SemioTiPS is its imagination and ability to generate ideas. We help organizations to give meaning to their identity by providing insightful concepts and innovative brainstorming. Imagination and creativity are often represented by fire, among the symbolic representations. Fire is synonymous with elevation, purification and innovation. The flame embraces and elevates thought, symbolizing the hatching of an idea, creative heat and passion. The creative process aims to generate this spark, as it carries change and innovation. “Fire suggests the desire to change, to speed up the passage of time” (G. Bachelard).

SemioTiPs is concerned about the human factor: to understand the public, decipher its practices, expectations and perceptions. We believe that an organization needs to be thought of as a human being. We help our clients to design their brand personality and its relationship with the audience. In mythic representations, water constitutes a paradox as both object of desire and of fear. It often symbolizes the strength of emotions and the complexity of human relations. The study of public reaction should be under the sign of water: listening to emotions, perceptions, needs and expectations. Water is the sign of emotions, of expectations and of dreams. “In our eyes, it is water which dreams.” (G. Bachelard)

SemioTiPS is passionate about signs and signification. Semiology is one of our favorite tools: when deciphering the message transmitted by an organization, a brand or a place, SemioTiPS reveals its basic sense and underlying symbols. Thanks to this informed understanding, SemioTiPS can help define a relevant strategy. Thoughts and sensibility are generally associated with the element of air. Impalpable and elusive matter, air is at the same time vital inspiration, the breath of the soul, and the ether of the spirit that rises up to the world of ideas. Air is also light, intuition, advent and signification. And here then, the end of every study. In confronting the practical world, in soliciting the fluidity of perception and emotion, in recoiling from the fire of the imagination, meaning happens. Air reconciles the other elements, and is capable of containing fire, earth and water.

We accompany the client in the redefinition of the problem.

We offer a different point of view, coming out of the Information Sciences, Semiology and creative attention to the concerned public.

The best ideas are born from a quick flash of inspiration in an ocean of noise. And SemioTiPS is a good listener.