16 years of experience in consulting for companies and organizations

Gwenaëlle de Kerret is a Semiologist and an expert in conducting public surveys. Since 2005, she has led research projects to explore how the public perceives brands and communication and it uses products and interfaces. As a research director in international agencies (Harris Interactive, BVA) she has developed a strong expertise in consumer goods, luxury brands, culture and corporate issues.

A professional committed to academic research in semiology and communication

Besides her consulting work, Gwen is a university researcher. In 2016, she completed a PhD thesis about museum visual identities, concentrating on how to help cultural institutions manage their brand and communications.

Training skills

Gwen is a teacher at universities and business schools. She also organizes training for professionals from the public and private sectors, to help them understand and apply semiology, public surveys and brand management.

Contact: gdekerret[at]semiotips.com