Research in times of Covid lockdown

Brand and user research in times of Covid lockdown: SemioTiPS advices and solutions   How to conduct brand or user research in times of Coronavirus? Isolation makes face-to-face methods impossible to study the audience, audit one’s brand and innovate. But there are alternative options! Here are a few solutions that SemioTiPS offers: – Analysis of

Semio Web

How can a brand design its digital identity and improve usability and experience on digital interfaces?How  can Semiology help in this process?When it comes to a website or an application, SemioTiPS sustains organizations and firms in their digital strategy. Have a look at our methods and recent projects!

Strategic Expertise for Design

How can a research consult facilitate and optimize the design process for a product, a service, a visual identity, a public space or a building?How to get sure that visual signs are meaningful and relevant for users?SemioTiPS helps public institutions, brands and design agencies on various project. Have a look at recent projects and discover the

Garnier Fructis Style

How can semiology help, for packaging  issues?Here is a Garnier Fructis Style business case. This project aimed at deciphering the significations conveyed by the packaging and the reading route across the product information.