Press Release: Museum Visual Identities in the Age of Brands

L'Identité visuelle des Musées à l'Ère des Marques (Museum Visual Identities In The Age Of Brands)

June, 2019

The notion of visual identity is now broadly used in the world of museums. In this sector, it includes graphic design, architecture and how works of art art displayed in space.

This book focuses on the visual identity of various museums in France and in the United Sates: Louvre, Centre Pompidou, Musée du Quai Branly, but also the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA and Guggenheim. The specific history of each visual identity is described and explored through interviews conducted with the museums’ actors (Design and communication directors, graphif designers, architects and researchers). The book also offers a semiological analysis of visual signs: how graphic design interacts with architecture, how images build an underlying narrative and how all this has an impact on the audience and on our collective psyche.

The book ends up with operational advices to create and oversee visual systems for cultural institutions.

In collaboration with the French Ministry of Culture

The Author

Gwenaëlle de Kerret is a Semiologist and Research Director. She assists cultural and commercial organizations in setting their communication, marketing and strategic goals.


L’identité visuelle à l’ère des musées à l’ère des marques
280 pages
La Documentation française
Collection Musées-Mondes
23 euros

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