Brand and user research in times of Covid lockdown: SemioTiPS advices and solutions


How to conduct brand or user research in times of Coronavirus? Isolation makes face-to-face methods impossible to study the audience, audit one’s brand and innovate. But there are alternative options!

Here are a few solutions that SemioTiPS offers:

    • - Analysis of user feedbacks: guestbook, complaint letters, opinions on social medias. These channels are a rich source of information to understand user experiences, detect specific expectations and explore the image of the brand.

    • - Online questioning of users: surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews can be conducted through digital plateforms, in a number of cases. This option also offers the opportunity to benefit from a « time asset » that is useful to get further insights.

    • - Semiotic diagnosis of the brand: visual identity, user interfaces, website and social media contribute to build the brand ecosystem. Analyse them to check if they are relevant and to evaluate how they participate to brand awareness and image.


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