Press Release: Museum Visual Identities in the Age of Brands

L’Identité visuelle des Musées à l’Ère des Marques (Museum Visual Identities In The Age Of Brands) June, 2019 The notion of visual identity is now broadly used in the world of museums. In this sector, it includes graphic design, architecture and how works of art art displayed in space. This book focuses on the visual

What Future for Cultural Tickets?

RESEARCH PROGRAM 2018-2019 AND CONFERENCEThe ticket is the first or only physical sign of a cultural visit. It stands for proof of payment, serves as an “open sesame” magic phrase to be able to enter the site, and is a mark of the relationship with the institution. It can also become a precious souvenir and

Angers, June 29th 2018, Training Session: Enhance Cultural Identities

Cultural Identities and Branding, a Challenge for Heritage and Territorial ManagementThe notion of cultural identity is more and more important, for both cultural organizations and  regional authorities. Many books and reports have been published in France and in other countries these last years about city branding and intangible heritage enhancement. In France, the Agence pour