Angers, June 20th, 2017: Semiology and Design Thinking Training

How to collaboratively design innovative and meaningful projects?

Innovation is more and more important for public organizations. Co-conception, creativity management and methods hybridization help innovate and renew project management.
Design Thinking and Semiology are two methods to develop and augment innovation. Combining them makes innovation an operational process.
How to collaboratively design innovative and meaningful projects? This training will introduce professionals to Design Thinking and Semiology, applied to regional and local issues.
During one day, we will present these complementary methods and help professionals detect how they could implement them in their activities. Theoretical presentation and practical implementation will be alternated, so as to appropriate techniques.

This program is organized by INSET-CNFPT Angers, in partnership with SemioTiPS.

– Understand design thinking and semiology methodological principles
– Learn how to detect their added value in to evaluate, redesign or imagine a service or device
– Know how to implement specific tools from these methods: analysis, exploratory process, ideas generation, prototype, testing

– Gwenaëlle de Kerret, Semiologist and Research Director, SemioTiPS
– Annabelle Puget, Design Thinker

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