Paris, March 20th, 2017: Training session on UX Research for Design

User Experience Research find its roots in both Social Sciences and Design. It aims at understanding Users or Clients interactions and uses, in order to better address their needs and expectations.

This one-day training session offers to discover 3 complementary methods:

  • Ethnographic observation
  • Semiological analysis
  • Qualitative interview.

We will show how these 3 approaches can be effectively combined to decipher user experience and to imagine innovative solutions. Theoretical presentation will be alternated with practical exercises to experiment the methods on a real issue.

This training session addresses all professionals concerned by user experience to imagine, design or evaluate new products or services. It focuses on the “Empathize” stage of Design Thinking.

The session will be moderated by 4 professionals:

  • Annabelle Puget, Architect and Design Thinker, Atypie
  • Florent Jaouali, Ergonomist and UX Sociologist, WeLoveUsers
  • Marie Serre, Anthropologist and Specialist of cross-cultural relationships management
  • Gwenaëlle de Kerret, Semiologist and Research Director, SemioTiPS


Location: Orange, Villa Bonne Nouvelle, 3 Rue de Mazagran, 75010 Paris


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