Angers, November 13-14th: Training Session on Semiology and Expert Qualitative Methods

Semiology, ethnography, creative workshops, idea generation… How can these approaches help better understand publics, improve branding and accelerate innovation?

For private companies as for public institutions, innovation is more and more important today: undestanding one’s targets and finding development opportunities are key to open the organization to its future. Expert qualitative methods can help much: semiology to identify meaning issues, ethnography to decipher uses; creative workshops and design thinking to have users engage in a collaborative conception of innovative and meaningful solutions.

In partnership with CNFPT (French official training institute for local civil servants), SemioTiPS organizes a training focused on these methods. During two days, discover how they can benefit to your organization and learn how to apply them on operational questions.

– Undestand the methodological principles of semiology, ethnography, idea generation, co-creation
– Learn how to detect the opportunity to apply these methods on communication, opinion, strategy and innovation issues
– Discover innovative and operating research protocols involving semiology and expert qualitative methods
– Learn how to apply semiological analysis on a message: an image, a speech, a space.

This training program will be given in French language.
For more information, please contact us here.


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