Our Values

SemioTiPS helps organizations redefine their challenges by giving a glimpse from another viewpoint: that of the public, and that of the meaning of signs. Observe and understand Think outside the box Work together Give meaning

Our Name

In the English language, “TIPS”refers to brief astute phrases that allow us to see a problem in a different manner – and to move ahead.Consultants and research agencies sometimes claim to be able to answer in an “objective” manner the question posed by their client. At SemioTiPS, we think, on the other hand: – that

SemioTiPS’s Founder

16 years of experience in consulting for companies and organizations Gwenaëlle de Kerret is a Semiologist and an expert in conducting public surveys. Since 2005, she has led research projects to explore how the public perceives brands and communication and it uses products and interfaces. As a research director in international agencies (Harris Interactive, BVA)

Our partners

SemioTiPS is also a network of partners. Depending on your challenge, we will suggest a tailored solution with the right expert:- Design Thinking – Business Strategy – Cultural Organizations Strategy – Editorial Design – Web Design – Graphic Design – Linguistic Identity