Your Project

SemioTiPS works hand in hand with you on your project. We study your competition, decipher your audience’s expectations and help you define a strategic approach and operational answers. Depending on your issue and budget, we design a specific research and consultancy solution. It will rely on a tailored methodology. Know your audience’s uses, perceptions and

Our Methods

SemioTiPS proposes several original methods to respond to your issues. Trends and uses exploration Semio-strategic monitoring of trendsIn many sectors, codes and uses quickly evolve. Players need to forecast changes to remain relevant. SemioTiPS conducts several continuous observatories of trends (consumption, luxury, culture, digital medias), to spot innovations in products, communication and uses. Depending on

Best Sellers

Pre-test of AdvertisementBrand EquityBrand Positioning / Brand PlatformSemio Strat : the Semiological Strategic Planning Pre-test of Web Interface or of ServiceSpace and Design DiagnosisCo-creative WorkshopService Design


Interested in knowing more about our methods or want to learn how to use them yourself? We suggest different possibilities to adapt depending on your issues, your needs and your team. Introduction to Semiology Set up a Qualitative Study Conduct an Ethnographic Observation Innovate with Design Thinking and Semiology Design and Evaluate One’s Brand Culture