Consumer Brands

Consulting for consumer brands Pre-test and optimize a commercial, an interface, a merchandizing concept or a customer path. Design and validate a brand positionning, a marketing strategy, a visual identity. Explore new ideas, innovate.

Public Organizations, Culture and Leisure

Dedicated solutions for Cultural and Public Organizations Understand your audience’s uses, expectations and motivations. Pre-test and fine-tune an interface, a commercial or an exhibition display. Design your visual identity, your branding or co-branding strategy . Define your marketing positionning (shop, derived products), enhance the shopping experience. Discover our last Design Thinking and Semiology training, in partnership

Design and Architecture

Consultancy for design projects : graphic design, architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and product design Understand users’ practice and expectations to define a relevant design strategy . Select, evaluate and fine-tune a design concept Orchestrate the various interfaces of an identity : logo, color scheme, signage, architecture or product identity. See our recent case studies

Digital, Technologies and Medias

A specific expertise for digital medias Explore your audience’s uses, needs and expectations. Evaluate and fine-tune a web site, an app, an interface. Design a web strategy (digital identity, social networks management).